Saturday, March 26, 2011


i know this feeling well. anticipation. dreaming and wondering. i think of you two everyday. i pray for you everyday. i pray that God will illuminate you so Woudneh knows that you are ours.

our dossier with all its fancy ethiopian embassy seals, minus the I-171H approval (we were fingerprinted 3/17), lands in addis ababa on monday. i've been following the fedex plane online.

shiela from our agency, west sands, has a file on her desk. she is reviewing it to make sure the paperwork is in good order. if it is, she will present you to us as our referral.

is it you? are you waiting for us within a file on a desk in utah? are you a brother and sister? or two sisters? are your parents living? how old are you? how long have you been in the orphanage? are you scared? where is your orphanage? do you know that something big is about to happen?

i wonder. and wonder some more.