Tuesday, October 25, 2011

house of babel

i have pictures now to prove that we are all home and i've not hurt anyone being a single parent of 8 for the last week :)

too late, too tired to write much....but did want to say that tonight something cool happened. we were doing our evening Bible time and the devotion was from John 13. i've had lydia read a couple of nights from her amharic Bible so her and abe could understand what we were talking about. then i realized that abi could read it from her chinese Bible. and then sam in english. as i watched everyone sitting there listening, i watched smiles exchanged between several of them while each was reading. it was just one of those moments where everything came together and God's faithfulness was evident.

our first pics of everyone! had a great overnight with my sisters at Spring Mill and a couple of the pics cracked me up! personalities can be seen in some :) all in all, the transition has been crazy, unbelievably easy. i am pooped at the end of the day, but then again, i'm old :)


  1. So happy things are going well. Hope you get some rest! :)

    janet and gang

  2. What an appropriate title!
    But, you all do speak the same language,
    the most important one . . . love.

  3. You amaze me.
    Great pictures of your wonderful kids.
    God is so good!
    Sarah S.

  4. Great picture! And where do you sleep at Spring Mill?