Tuesday, October 4, 2011

seeing things from a different perspective

hit the mother lode.... access to internet twice in one day! score! sitting here in the family gathering area again and getting a huge kick out of abe and lydia. let's just say they like to take pictures and videos of anything and anyone. lydia is a crazy girl full of personality :) and abe is gaining confidence by the minute...

today woudneh took us on a long long drive east. we went to an absolutely beautiful part of the country that i had no idea existed. it gave me a completely different impression of ethiopia. when we were here in july it was before the rainy season and we went south. it was dry and brown and barren. but today was green and rolling and as picturesque as they come. it is known as the dairy area because the majority of addis' milk comes from here. everywhere, in every direction, were shepherds with their herds of cows and goats. you would see anywhere from 5 - 100 animals with 1-2 shepherds. some shepherds were lying on blankets, some leaning on their staffs, and others were smacking the snot out of them trying to get them down the side of the road. what a simple beautiful life (except the smacking the snot out of them part :). it especially hit home having found out their older brother had been a shepherd for years. it was like this for hours. just leading their animals to grazing places and watering holes each day. and the best part? fresh air!!!! i am not kidding when i say addis' air is unbelievably polluted. all the diesel trucks running continuously and i really can't describe the filth you are breathing in. when you blow your nose, it is .... okay, i will spare you the bloody details :) last trip i remember thinking many times about giving these kids fresh air as one of the better gifts they will get coming to the States.

and the other thing i saw today from a different vantage point is the reality of all the expense associated with an adoption agency doing the in-country work. we stopped by woudneh's office where 9 workers are doing paperwork and running all over trying to get the documents through all the gazillion hoops. and in ethiopia, the agencies have the added expense of providing completely for the kids from when the family passes the ethiopian courts until the case clears through the US embassy. this can be anywhere from a minimum of two months through a long stinking time. they work hard to care for the kids and earn their money the old-fashioned way. i'm actually surprised it doesn't cost more.

well, that's all i got for today. we are enjoying the kids singing 'God is so good' while dancing african :) what a special time. they are very affectionate and just happy and goofy. i pray the jet lag doesn't kick my bootie like last time 'cause i'm thinking i'm gonna need all the energy i can muster.

p.s. birth mom comes tomorrow. dani, we are baking cakes with fanta for a special celebration with her :)


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you are trying it:) I'm so excited to meet Lydia and Abe! I got to see Sarah, Sam and Ben on Sunday--they were all doing well! I'd like to make dinner and dessert for your family when you get back (maybe Saturday? or whenever would work for you...)--one less thing for you to worry about and to allow you some more time to enjoy the new additions to your family:) I've been praying! Enjoy your next few days in Africa--I'm jealous;)

  2. Jan-what wonderful updates on your trip! I am so happy you are with your kiddos! It will seem weird to be there without you on our next trip! Praying for a wonderful visit with their birthmom and a lot of comfort for the goodbyes. If you get a chance to hug and kiss our little guys, I know you will. (No pressure..I know the policies are super tight right now!) Can't wait to chat when you return and have a moment to breathe!-Miss you all! Rachel

  3. Abigail -
    Ask Abe and Lydia to take pictures of your mom.
    Don't tell I said this!
    I want copies when you return.
    - Aunt Deb


  4. Wow, Jan it sounds so exciting. The kids are so pretty.

  5. Jan,
    I am so glad you have been able to update on your trip this time. I agree with Rachel it will be weird not having you on our second trip. You are such a breath of fresh air. I pray you had a wonderful visit with the kids birth mother and felt/feel at ease. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

  6. So glad to hear all is going well! Looking forward to more pictures!